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Creative Nonfiction Post #1

Gloria Anzaldua talks about the power of writing in her essay “Speaking in Tongues” and how important it is to express yourself through writing. She also talks about how people can express themselves through writing from their own personal experiences, like she does in her essay. At one point in the essay, she talks about writing about bits of her life and strewing the pieces she writes all over her bedroom floor. Through her writing, she wants to prove to herself that she is not an ignorant Chicana as well as to the white men and feminists. She is an outsider in her own country; she is a minority. She wants to break free from the constraints that have been placed upon her and one way she does this is presenting her ideas in pieces of prose. They showcase her anger, intelligence and writing skills. Just because someone is brown does not mean that they can’t communicate effectively and this is what she is trying to communicate through her individual experiences and unique ideas.


Edwidge Danticat exemplifies some of these ideas through the childhood episode she describes in “Westbury Court”. In this childhood experience, Danticat describes a fire that happens in the apartment across from his, which takes the lives of two innocent children. However, Danticat is young at this point and is absorbed in General Hospital, which interestingly enough focuses on adults’ lives. He is trying to juxtapose childish innocence against adult awareness like Anzaldua’s main point was to go against the idea that minorities aren’t as intelligent. Danticat merely observes the burned apartment and the deaths while his adult self understands what happened much more coherently than his younger self. While he is narrating as an older adult, he describes what he saw as a young child.

Competitive Advertising Blog


Garnier Fructis’s Pure Clean Commercial 

Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Commercial

This ad really emphasizes the environmentally sound features of this product. Most of the ad shows people having fun in a sunny,green meadow and throwing around a ball resembling earth, which stresses the hair care line’s concentration on “being green”. The ad also claims to make users’ hair shiny and light, which is suggested by the models jumping around and their glossy hair.

Head&Shoulders Commercial-Jan Mauer Girls Commercial

Head & Shoulders –Joe Mauer \”Girls\” Commercial

This ad is definitely aimed towards men with its featuring of John Mauer, who is a baseball star from the Twins. During the ad, Mauer and his friend are in the locker room and his friend asks him how he likes Head & Shoulders shampoo. Mauer responds by saying that it gives him great hair and a healthy scalp-dandruff is more prevalent among men making dandruff control a major selling point among men’s shampoos. This ad also suggests that this shampoo can make women more attracted to men when they show all these women fawning over Mauer at the end.

Pantene Commercial with Liv Tyler 2011 

Pantene commercial with Liv Tyler 2011

The commercial starts off with Liv Tyler sitting in a room with white furniture, wearing a black tanktop. In the ad, she talks about how she tried many different haircare products and that only one “mystery brand” gave her the healthy looking hair she has now. To further emphasize the power of this “mystery brand”, the ads shows a flashback of Liv with tired, frazzled hair. At the end of the ad, Liv tells viewers to discover “the secret at www.beautyrecommended.com. The method the advertisement uses really draws in the viewer because they never reveal what hair care brand Liv uses, which makes the user play the part of detective.

Pantene Print Ad for Pantene Nature Fusion Line

Ad features a young woman with flowing, shiny black hair looking hip and young with her unique black bracelets. The ad definitely panders to the hair care industry’s  focus on natural products with the flower depicted next to the product’s bottles and its mention of having cassia as one of its main ingredients. The product also claims to give its user stronger hair that withstands all the damage from styling as well as healthier hair with its vitamin formula.

Pin Cen:

Pantene Pro-V Expression Ad

This Pantene advertisement is found on Wal-Mart’s website. It uses black/black brown and gold/light brown as its common colors; tend to create a classy and professional perception. It is quite clear that it is targeting on women and it is trying to attract them with a distinctive feeling among others by saying “let yourself shine”.

Pantene Pro-V Shine Ad 2

This Pantene Advertisement is targeting on women with long hair, especially those with dry long hair. The zipper on the ad emphasizes the instant change on hair from dry to moisturize if using this product. The “2X” word also adds value to the product and creates a feeling that this product has higher quality than the previous one.

Head & Shoulders Restoring Shine Shampoo Ad

This Head & Shoulder Ad is found on Wal-Mart’s website. It is very simple compared to others. The common color in the ad is blue and white, matching its theme “clean and fresh”. Its word “Shine 365 days a year” is telling consumer that Head & Shoulder shampoo should be their daily-use product. Therefore it is targeting on the household women.

Garnier Fructis Go, Go Pure Ad

The most important point on this Fructis ad is its advertising words, “Go Pure, Go Green”. It is targeting on young women, since they are more likely to purchase natural and organic products. This ad tries to emphasize that the product is more healthy than other similar product because they are made with less (or without) chemicals.

Garnier Fructis Color Shield Ad

This Fructis ad is targeting on women who often dye their hair. The nature background emphasizes this product’s specialty, natural and healthy. The model’s shirt color matches with the product, as well as the grass. The largely usage of green color provides a sense of freshness, also express the idea of going natural.


Pantene Pro-V Ad 

This print ad’s message is delivered solely through the visual. The only words on this ad are the name of the line and collection. Pantene Pro-v made this ad with the confidence that the viewer already knew the product and what the results would be from using it. The woman in the ad is fully dressed in her own long, flowing, and illustrious hair; which she accomplished using Pantene Pro-V to make her hair long enough and strong enough for such an unlikely task. The woman is beautiful with a modelesque body alluring the viewer to want and strive to look like her though the use of Pantene’s collection.

Garnier Long & Strong Ad 










This print ad for Garnier Fructis is very informative and tells the reader exactly what they should expect from the product. However, it also depicts a woman with extremely long and braided hair; comparable to the folk character Rapunzel. The product will make your hair longer and stronger, strong enough to endure multiple twists and stress without breaking nor splitting. The woman’s hair looks almost like a rope sturdy and strong, yet smooth and silky. Garnier Fructis believes women want to have their hair look like this and the reader to put their product to the test.

Herbal Essences Shampoo Ad 
This Herbal Essence print ad is assuming and insisting. The ad tells you of its purpose and results but also how you should hope to be in society. Herbal essence wants you to be “luscious” and hope you look like you have Swedish parents. Herbal Essence must believe that the Swedish people have wonderful natural blonde hair; and this Swedish blonde hair is in fact much better than your own. You should hope to be so lucky that your hair comes out looking as good. This ad attacks your self esteem and image in a creative and polite way.

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