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“On Seeing England for the First Time” and similar readings

The Jamaica Kincaid piece and the George Orwell piece stood out to me the most here. Jamica Kincaid talked about her years in Antigua and her learning all about England. Since England conquered them, her culture glorified England and made it seem like such an amazing piece. However, this is not so. It really isn’t that amazing of a place. When Jamaica goes there, she sees how dirty it is and how congested it really is. It is not the place of her imaginings. She is angry because her culture is considered inferior and she is made to take on English ways. England is the dominant culture because they are the conqueror of Antigua, or were. Even though they have left, they still have some power over the small island.

The George Orwell piece is different because it is in the eyes of the conqueror. The narrator in the piece is an English officer and he is pressured to shoot an elephant because it is rogue and running around everywhere. The Indian crowd pressures him to shoot the elephant and he does. He does not want to look weak in front of them and does this to save face. Weirdly enough, the Indians have more power over him in this case. He wants to save face and he gives into their demands. He also seems them as lesser because he is English and the Indian culture along with its brown people are considered to be lesser in general and more primitive.

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~ by papoufruit on April 10, 2014.

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