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Dalton And Bliss

Dalton’s piece “White Skin Privilege” talks about how white people have privilege because they are the oppressors, originally. ┬áIt also talks about how white, particularly WASPS, don’t really have an identity so much because they never really had to band together like blacks, Hispanics, etc. They were never challenged in that way before. Whites try to appropriate other identities, according to Dalton, because they lack a culture. Their culture encompasses America; their culture is American culture. There is also some discussion of the difference between white and ethnicity. Personally, I thought that this author’s argument was somewhat ineffective and I thought he was judgmental. White people can have their own individual cultures and traditions. I also did not understand the distinction between white ethnics and white people; he set them apart yet he put them under an umbrella of white privilege? That makes no sense to me. Also many white people have multiple ethnicities within their families so technically they do have an identity; their religion may also form a major part of their identity as well or personal belief system.

Bliss’s piece was also pretty confusing. I got the sense that she wants to end racism between black and white specifically. I thought that her family was interesting because she had both black and white family members. I liked the stories she included in the piece because it showed her uncomfortable feelings with having a black cousin that both loved her and also resented having white family. I think she also wants racial categories to be less clear cut because sometimes people can fit in more categories than one. Races overlap in many ways, even in how they look. I really identified with this story because I also have a multi-racial family and have heard comments when I am out with members of my family that aren’t white. I also have a black cousin and my mother would receive comments when she took my cousin and I to places together. People would give her nasty looks because they saw a white woman caring for a black child, which I suppose isn’t a common place thing. Growing up, I never really understand it because to me she was just my cousin and I didn’t really care about her race at all.


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~ by papoufruit on April 5, 2014.

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