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Rosin and Tea

Rosin makes use of plenty of quotations, almost as much as Tea does. However, she probably relies on it more since she is not writing a firsthand account like Tea is, even though she does use “I” in some parts as well as some personal reflection. Her piece, even though its a human interest story, is a little more like hard news. She uses quotes from different experts as well as from parents struggling with their transgender children. One of the people she seems to quote a lot is a woman named Tina and some other people from her family; Tina’s son Brandon wants to transition into a girl. I think there is some bias in Rosin’s piece because she seems to support the fact that transgender children may in fact just be going through a phase. For instance, she quotes a psychologist named Dr. Kenneth Zucker who was successful in treating children with gender dysphoria. Towards the end of the piece, she even says that she misses one people would say their child was a girl or a boy.

“Transmissions from Camp Trans” by Michelle Tea is slightly more personal because it describes Michelle’s experience at Camp Trans. She is a lesbian who is dating a female-to-male transsexual. I’m not sure if she is queer or lesbian though because she states at one point that she found everyone at Camp Trans attractive so its not entirely clear cut. Michelle Tea interviews various people at Camp Trans and seems to be introduced in their stories. She even includes some quotes from people from the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. Since Michelle is clearly in support of the trans* community, there is some bias included within the article.

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~ by papoufruit on March 14, 2014.

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