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“Littoral Zone” and “Crossing the Boulevard”

In the piece “Littoral Zone”, Short talks about changes to an area of Astoria in and around 30th Avenue. She talks about a garden that has been planted and a mural project around Welling Court. From the eyes of various residents Short interviews during 2011, we get a picture of how the neighborhood has changed. One person she talks to is named George Haridimou, whom she finds barbequing in front of his auto repair shop. He talks about a mural art project that has been constructed around Welling Court. Apparently, artists were hired by a couple to put art on the walls via graffiti. In Astoria Houses, Short talks with a group of young people who create something called Reelization Films. Astoria Houses is a nicer kind of projects. According to people working for this tiny film production company, there was increased amount of shootings around there during 2011.

“Crossing the Boulevard” is a series of firsthand accounts of various goings on in and around Queens. ┬áIn the first section, two middle eastern men are interviewed that have restaurants on Steinway in “Little Egypt”. Moustafa’s restaurant is decorated on the outside with Islamic imagery. Ali’s restaurant is more simple looking and has “Kebab Cafe” on the front of it. During their interview, they talk about how they came to this country, their experiences with their customers as well as how the area has changed around them. They also compare everyday life and culture between their respective country and that of the United States. She also interviews the Navarro Brothers; the Navarro Brothers are Mexican brothers who open up a rodeo show. It goes successfully for awhile until one of their bulls escapes. This piece is rather comical because it is ludicrous how a bull just calmly walks down a street in Queens and cops are chasing it and trying to shoot it down. In this story, she uses different people’s opinions to talk about the bull chase and you see things from different perspectives, which is interesting.


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