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DFW and D’Agata

“Ticket to the Fair” was set in a state fair and is rich in description and imagery. The writer David Foster Wallace appears to be a news reporter or a journalist of some kind. He is clearly writing an article on the state fair in Illinois. He describes all of the animals he sees, the various competitions, the plants, the rides, etc. The piece is separated by ┬átimes and is set over two days. The speaker is very observant and seems to absorb all the sights and smells around him. Not much goes unnoticed in this piece either.You can almost taste and picture all the greasy and oily food he describes that is served at the state fair. The piece was very much to me like a series of physical impressions interspersed with some personal input here and there.

D’Agata’s piece, on the other hand, is more political since it discusses the Senator Harry Reid and the ethics of putting nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain. It hardly felt like a feature at all and the I voice is barely seen in this piece. D’Agata does a good job though of setting up the array of opinions on what to do with Yucca Mountain and there is so much political tension that you could cut it with a knife. Another issue that comes into play is the rights of the Shoshone Indians and the fact that Yucca Mountain is technically on their land. The people in Las Vegas and the surrounding area are also concerned with what would happen if there was a nuclear meltdown. The government in this piece is described as money grabbing bigots in a sense because the speaker talks about they received handouts from nuclear energy lobbyists.

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~ by papoufruit on March 7, 2014.

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