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Slouching Towards Bethlehem and I Was A Chinese Internet Addict

Both of these pieces deal with the topic of addiction; although one delves into addiction with drugs and the other goes into Internet addiction. In Funk’s piece, the narrator becomes much more personal with his audience and discusses his own addition problems, as well as those of other people in the treatment facility. The narrator, according to the title, is addicted to going on the Internet and goes to a facility that really focuses on this, along with some other addictions like alcoholism.  He also talks about the rampant Internet addictions problems among youth in China. Funk’s piece is both observatory and personal at the same time. It is written more along the lines of a feature than the Joan Didion piece. In Funk’s piece, the narrator undergoes a kind of metamorphosis through the strict regime put on the narrator by the treatment facility the narrator’s girlfriend puts him  in.

Joan Didion’s piece is less personal than the Funk piece. The narrator in this feature observes a group of junkies that she, the narrator,  is writing the piece on. The narrator talks about how they take the drugs and how they live their lives, which seems to be somewhat chaotic. The druggies in the feature seem focused mostly on smoking weed or taking hard drugs like ecstasy. It is the 60’s and the age of the Hippies. Here and there the narrator does include some personal touches , however. In the beginning, she explains why she decides to look for writing material in San Francisco and she describes her relationship with certain people, such as the undercover cop she meets up with to exchange information. She also includes her own personal opinion within the piece about what she observes around her.

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