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Creative Nonfiction Post #5

In Van Meter’s piece “First”, he talks about his first crush as a young five year old and when he first noticed the first sign of him being gay. In the story, he is sitting in the back seat of a car with his friend and he admits to him that he is in love with him. His friend responds that he loves him as well. The main conflict in this piece is that apparently, according to his parents, boys are not supposed to love other boys and what he is doing is apparently wrong. His mother instills in him a shame of his sexuality at an early age and does not encourage him to explore it. In her world, boys and girls marry each other — not boys with other boys and girls with other girls. ┬áThe piece structures its story around this conflict by showing a single episode from his childhood in which he is made to feel shame for wanting to marry another boy.

In “Coming Out, Coming Home”, Jenesha de Riviera is a Filipina lesbian as well as her partner. The two of them are going to visit Jenesha’s family and plan for them to find out that Jenesha is dating Patty. The conflict in the story is Jenesha’s struggle with worrying about her family accepting her partner. In the beginning of the essay, she talks about how she met Patty and her journey as a lesbian. The rest of the story deals with her journey to Manila with Patty and her family reacting with her. Unfortunately, there is one awkward moment when Patty mentions she is a lesbian activist but Jenesha’s gay uncle, Lolo Ermis, helps make them feel at home.


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