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Creative Nonfiction Post #1

Gloria Anzaldua talks about the power of writing in her essay “Speaking in Tongues” and how important it is to express yourself through writing. She also talks about how people can express themselves through writing from their own personal experiences, like she does in her essay. At one point in the essay, she talks about writing about bits of her life and strewing the pieces she writes all over her bedroom floor. Through her writing, she wants to prove to herself that she is not an ignorant Chicana as well as to the white men and feminists. She is an outsider in her own country; she is a minority. She wants to break free from the constraints that have been placed upon her and one way she does this is presenting her ideas in pieces of prose. They showcase her anger, intelligence and writing skills. Just because someone is brown does not mean that they can’t communicate effectively and this is what she is trying to communicate through her individual experiences and unique ideas.


Edwidge Danticat exemplifies some of these ideas through the childhood episode she describes in “Westbury Court”. In this childhood experience, Danticat describes a fire that happens in the apartment across from his, which takes the lives of two innocent children. However, Danticat is young at this point and is absorbed in General Hospital, which interestingly enough focuses on adults’ lives. He is trying to juxtapose childish innocence against adult awareness like Anzaldua’s main point was to go against the idea that minorities aren’t as intelligent. Danticat merely observes the burned apartment and the deaths while his adult self understands what happened much more coherently than his younger self. While he is narrating as an older adult, he describes what he saw as a young child.

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